5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Camera

$38.90 $69

Why Choose 5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Camera

  1. High-quality day and night camera
  2. Small size & Strong Fuctions
  3. Smart record
  4. 1 Year Warranty&Life Time Technical Support

Main Specifications:

  • 1. Full HD 1080P DV DC quantized image
  • 2. Imported HD camera lens;
  • 3. Mini shape, portable handheld DV or wall-mounted
  • 4. Record HD video in low light
  • 5. Video format: 1920X1080P, motion detection video: 1080P
  • 6. Support 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB Micro SD card (memory card needs to be purchased separately)
  • 7. Built-in lithium battery : working time is about 4- 5 hours after fully charged
  • 8. Support system Phone: Apple ; Android
5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Camera
5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Camera

Motion Detection

The motion detection mode only records when motion is detected, so it is easier to save storage space than other miniature spy hidden cameras.5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Camera

Installation Method

Suncked on the window or wall, record the good times that you and your family is having in a rainy day. Share your happiness on youtube.
5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Cameraa5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Camera

Camera Bracket

Use our bracket to stick it anywhere. Record every important moment in your work.
5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Camera
5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Camera

Tech Specs:

Special Features: Wifi Mini Spy camera
Type: Night vision
Image Sensor: CMOS
Viewing angle:  150 degrees wide viewing angle
Battery capacity:  Battery about use 5 hours after fully
Audio/video:  Camera recording and recording function
Support: Sd Card Storage(not contain)
Motion detection: Support
Image compression: H.264
Video resolution: 1080P
Image format: JPEG
Battery Type: Built-in high capacity lithium polymer
Power adapter:  5V2A

How To Use Camera:

5 Hours Battery 1080P Wifi Mini Camera

What's Included:

  • WIFI Mini Battery Camera * 1PCS
  • Camera bracket * 1PCS
  • Power Supply and USB cable * 1PCS
  • Magnetic metal-faced iron sheet * 1PCS
  • User Manual* 1PCS                         
  • Reset Needle *1PCS 
  • 1 Year Warranty Provided Directly From Aolanscctv


  • 1. Small cameras may emit heat during use. This is normal phenomenon. Do not worry. The mini security camera saves the important videos you want and protects your family and family property.
  • 2. Due to long-term transportation, the battery of the micro camera is low, please charge it for 3 hours before use After ,camera can use about 4-5 hours
  • 3. WIFI Mini Spy Cam supports Class 10 micro SD card / TF card from 4 GB to 64GB. If there is no record, please check the size of the SD card or format the SD card as FAT32.

Product Using:

  1. WiFi Spy Camera
  2. Home & Office Security Surveillance Camera
  3. Hidden Camera
  4. Spy Camera
  5. Mini Camera

Specific Description

1 *Remote monitoring anytime*

* Mini spy camera 1080P * Small size, support WiFi remote viewing of real-time monitoring pictures and mobile APP playback video recording, using advanced WiFi connection technology, you can connect the mini spy camera to your home WiFi router to work properly. WiFi transmission speed is stable, whether you are in the office or other places outdoors, you can remotely watch and watch videos in real time, without distance restrictions.

2 *High-quality day and night camera*

* Upgraded night vision record and motion detection alarm * Equipped with night vision infrared LED light, you can clear the video in a completely dark room with a 25-foot, 150-degree wide-angle lens. It supports all-day recording and motion detection. Connect the micro / TF to the camera, and your mobile phone can play the video recording on the APP software.

3 *Small size & Strong fuctions*

* Small size built-in and rechargeable high-efficiency battery * Size is L1.3 * W1.3 * H1.3 inches, small enough, the battery can also be recharged and used for charging, can be placed anywhere for recording. No additional installation is required. It can record continuously for 5 hours after being fully charged for 3 hours, and can also record for a whole day after plugging in the power.

4 *Smart record*

* Convenient video operation * You only need to insert a micro / TF memory card for this small hidden camera to start automatic recording (maximum support 128GB card, no need to bring a memory card) Available with a memory card package and without a memory card You * full HD live / recording * This small spy camera comes with an advanced lens, 1080P HD you can watch the live broadcast in full HD resolution without chromatic aberration. There are two recording methods, the first is a camera application that records while watching live video. The second method is to add a memory card to this hidden spy camera, it will automatically record and support loop recording, so you don't need to replace the micro / TF card when the micro / TF card is completely full , the micro / TF card will be  covers the oldest video.Automatic loop video recording.

5 *After sale support & Package inside*

*12 Months Replacement * Life-time After Sale Support* We provide high standard after-sale service for our cameras, because we belive in the quality and technology, if you have any using questions for our products, please contact us with email and we are sure to give you the best solutions.


1,When will you ship my order?
Ordinary,once we get confirmation for payment,we will ship order within about 2 days.

2 :Why is the battery capacity so small, it is not enough.
Our product is equipped with a 2000mAh lithium battery, which can be used for about 5 hours under WiFi connection. Similarly, its mini size limits its ability to accommodate larger capacity batteries. But we all will bring power bank when go out now, I believe battery problem can be solved perfectly.
3.Why can't I connect to WiFi or will be dropped after I connect?
Wifi connection is related to many problems, mainly:
1.Our products have built-in wifi, the effective use distance is within 10 meters, beyond this distance may lead to wifi interruption.
2.If the wifi environment is too dense, it may cause multiple wifi to seize the location, causing drop the connection.
3.The APP runs too much cache, causing the phone to get stuck. At this time, clear the cache or delete the app to download again.
4. Make sure the camera is fully charged, if in low power, the camera LED will flash yellow and the Wi-Fi cannot be connected by phone.
Professional support team will work on fixing any issue within 24 hours.
4,How about warranty?
AOLANSCCTV has a 12-month replacement. You will enjoy the best shopping experience!One years warranty. 1 Year Warranty Provided Directly from AOLANSCCTV.
5.Our service.
The sale of the product does not mean that our service is over, this is just the beginning of our service.
If you have any questions about pre-sales service, please don't hesitate to contact us at help@aolanscctv.com.

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