4 Channel HD 1080P Wifi Security Camera System

$239.90 $299

Why Choose AOLANS--WTX200-4IPC 4 Channel Wifi Security Camera System

  1. High Durability 1080P HD Video NVR
  2. Instant Alerts
  3. Stunning Night Vision
  4. Simplified Installation - Plug And Play
  5. Wireless Access
  6. 1 Year Warranty&Life Time Technical Support

Main Specifications:

  • 1. HD 1080P Resolution;
  • 2. 8 Channel NVR, support up to 8 cameras;
  • 3. Wireless WiFi / Lan Cable connection between NVR and IP Cameras;
  • 4. Metal shell housing waterproof ip camera can be used for indoor/outdoor;
  • 5. Plug and play,remotely view by Android & iOS System (Smartphone,IPad,Tablet,PC);
  • 6. IR-Cut Array LED Lights: up to 30m Night Vision Distance;
  • 7. Motion Detection,E-mail alert;
  • 8. NVR upgrates to H.265+ encode: save your HDD storage space;
  • 9. Support multi-languages: English,Russian,French,Spanish.etc;
  • 10. Free gifts: 1pcs Antenna Booster or power splitters and 2pcs Warning Stickers .
  • 11. Audio function with all our wireless IP cameras.

Motion Detection

4 Channel HD 1080P Wifi Security Camera System
4 Channel HD 1080P Wifi Security Camera System

Install  Range

Camera and NVR video recorder reception area.

4 Channel HD 1080P Wifi Security Camera System

Outdoor Waterproof  IP66

4 Channel HD 1080P Wifi Security Camera System

Camera Bracket

Use our bracket to stick it anywhere. Record every important moment in your want.

4 Channel HD 1080P Wifi Security Camera System

Installation Method

Makes watching your home and business easy.

4 Channel HD 1080P Wifi Security Camera System
4 Channel HD 1080P Wifi Security Camera System

How To Use:

4 Channel HD 1080P Wifi Security Camera System

What's Included:

  • 1 * 4 Channel HDMI HD 1080P WIFI NVR
  • 4 * Full HD 1080p Indoor Outdoor security Cameras
  • 1 * 1 to 4 Power Splitter Cable
  • 1 * Power Adapter
  • 1 * Mouse
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty Card 


  • No have Hard Drive

Specific Description:

1 * High Durability 1080P HD Video NVR *

The camera has weatherproof IP66 that allows it works outdoor conditions. Pumps up your home surveillance thoroughly. Provides you the recorded videos 

2* Instant Alerts* 

As soon as any suspicious act captured by the camera motion detection feature, it would send you email or APP alerts simultaneously to ensure you have sufficient reaction time.

3* Stunning Night Vision*  

In order to better the night vision, this surveillance system provides you with automatically active IR feature that gives an up to 100ft / 30m IR clear night vision. Thus your nighttime monitoring got hugely upgraded.4MM/lends.

4*Simplified Installation - Plug And Play*

This laview security camera system plug-and-play navigation guarantees the ease of configuration. Simply plug in your security cameras to Aolanscctv security camera system and they’ll automatically pair and configure with each other.

5*Wireless Access*

To increase the camera utilization, it is made with Wi-Fi access and it supports Wi-Fi cascading to ensure stronger connections.


Equipped with a 1 Year warranty and life time technical support, this Aolanscctv 4 channel wired security camera system guarantees unlimited support for all its customers.


1. Is there any video of how to add new camera to the NVR?
Please check our  our newest user manual for instruction.

2. Can some cameras connect to NVR via wifi, and some via LAN Cable?
Yes, the connection between NVR and camera support both wifi and LAN cable connection,if you want place the camera far away from the NVR or the wifi signal is weak, we recommend you connect the camera via Lan cable

3. What's the working distance between the cameras and NVR?
It depends on the application environment. Usually, it’s 1000ft in the open space. If there are obstacles like walls, electronic products around, the distance is about 250ft

4. What’s the hard disk storage capacity?
1TB Hard Disk: Can record about 20days;
2TB Hard Disk: Can record about 40days;
3TB Hard Disk: Can record about 60days.
NVR included  not hard disk. Please buy ,thank you.

5. When the HDD is full, do i need to delete the recording?
No need, if HDD is full, the new recordings will automatically overwrite the prior recording.

6. Does the NVR support USB hard disk?
No, The NVR support SATA 3.5'' Hard Disk, the hard disk connection cable is inside the NVR. If you buy the hard disk from our store, we will install it for you before shipping.

7. What's the view angle of the camera? Does it have zoom function?
It's about 92degree, without zoom function.

8. What's the working temperature of the camera?
Camera Working Temperature: From: -50 degree Fahrenheit to +122 degree Fahrenheit.

9. Camer power through network or the power adapter?
Camera works through the 12V/1A power adapter, the NVR Recroder power adapter is 12V/2A. Please don’t mix the power supply of NVR to camera.

10. Can i remote view the video on my pc or smartphone?
Yes, you can get live streaming or playback videos via free APP on iOS & Android devices, through free software on Windows or Mac, or via major browsers like Internet Explorer.

11.How about warranty?
AOLANSCCTV has a 12-month replacement. You will enjoy the best shopping experience!One years warranty. 1 Year Warranty Provided Directly from AOLANSCCTV .

12.Our service.The sale of the product does not mean that our service is over, this is just the beginning of our service. If you have any questions about pre-sales service, please don't hesitate to contact us at help@aolanscctv.com.

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