Please read the user manual carefully before use. Refer to the following steps for setting.

Please contact after-sale support for unmentioned matters.

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User Manual of Web Wifi Camera

. Product picture

User Manual of Web Wifi Camera

. On/off key                       

Power on: at the power-off state, hold down the on/off key for 2 seconds. The indicator light on the back is on. This is power-on.

Power off: when it is not connected with power, hold down on/off key for two seconds and the indicator light is off. This is power-off.

Warm prompt: it starts automatically when charging. It cannot power on at the moment. When the charging is interrupted, its self battery will be continued for use. hold down the on/off key for 2 seconds. the indicator light is off. This is power-off. 

Mode switch key: when the camera is set to connect the network, hold down Mode switch key for 2 seconds. This will switch to short-range point-to-point mode. The indicator light changes to blue from red and network connection is disconnected.

Pause/video: insert the memory card and the camera starts. Picture recording will be made automatically and saved in the memory card. The indicator light flashes once a second. Press on/off key once to pause with the record. The indicator light is on and does not flash. Press it again to begin recording. The indicator light flashes slowly.

RESET: when the machine is not working properly, press the RESET button with a thin rod to RESET.

Warm prompt: if powering on without memory card, the camera cannot record picture. The indicator light is always on.

The memory of the camera does not support hot plug. Please disconnect it for charging. Plug and pull should be made after power off.

Description of indicator light

After powering in, please wait for 60 seconds and observe the state of the indicator light.

Blue indicator light: short-range point-to-point live mode. The camera is not connected with network at the moment and gives out WIFI hot point of HDQ15.

Red indicator light: the networking mode. The camera is set properly and connected with wireless router and will not give out WIFI hot point.

. Point-to-point live mode setting of mobile phone WIFIUser Manual of Web Wifi Camera

Step 1: power on. Insert the memory card. Hold down the on/off key for 2 seconds. The back indicator light is on. 

After waiting for 50 seconds, the blue indicator light flashes slowly.

 (If the memory card is not inserted, after waiting for 50 seconds, the blue indicator light is on and does not flash).

Step 2: connect WIFI hot point. Please search WIFI in mobile phone setting and find “HDQ15”.

WIFI is connected and the password is 12345678.

User Manual of Web Wifi Camera

Step3: open APP. You may see the picture of live mode directly.At the condition, it is point-to-point live mode. The camera is not connected with the network.

 The blue indicator light on the camera back is on

Warm prompt:

The effective scope of HDQ15 signal of WIFI hot point given out by the camera is within 10 meters. When the mobile phone exceeds the scope, it will disconnect with HDQ15 hot point. If you want to set again, you need to reconnect HDQ15 hot point in mobile phone WIFI setting interface.

. Networking configuration of remote wireless routerUser Manual of Web Wifi Camera

Step 4: Configure WIFI

Click wireless icon below the live mode picture to enter “configure WIFI”. You may select your own WIFI and input WIFI password. Click “connect WIFI” and prompt to wait for 80s. During such a period, the red and blue indicator lights on the back flash together and wait the prompt “configuration succeeded”. The indicator light becomes red. The networking is successful. It will not give out WIHI hot point HDQ15.

Warm prompt:

Ensure to make the mobile phone connect WIFI of HDQ15 hot point. When the live mode real-time picture appears, the connection between the mobile phone and camera is established. Then you may carry out networking setting for remote wireless router.

User Manual of Web Wifi Camera

Step 5: open APP again to carry out real-time picture remotely. 


Warm prompt: 

  1. Only support 2.4G frequency WIFI and don’t support 5G frequency WIFI. In addition, the encryption method should not be WEP method. The password cannot be empty.
  2. In order to improve the stability and success rate of binding WIFI, during the configuration process, please close to the wireless router as possible

. Introduction to real-time monitoring pictureUser Manual of Web Wifi Camera

. Introduction to real-time monitoring picture

User Manual of Web Wifi Camera

Ⅷ. Enable cloud storage and video playback

User Manual of Web Wifi Camera

Ⅸ. Enable/disable infrared 

User Manual of Web Wifi Camera

Click the sun and moon icon under the real-time picture to enable and disable infrared lamp.  When the infrared night vision is enabled, the picture is white and black.

Warm prompt:

When the infrared is enabled, no object should block the front of the camera lens. Otherwise, the emitted infrared light will be reflected by objects to generate the effect of strong light and backlight, which results in that remote scenery become dark. Please remove the blocking objects or adjust the position of the camera. 

Ⅹ. Enable activity detection prompt

User Manual of Web Wifi Camera

Activity frame detection prompt:

After the activity is enabled, when the activity is found on monitoring picture, prompt information will bepushed to the mobile phone. It is necessary to enable “activity detection prompt” in “camera setting” and enable

“push notification” in “my” of APP main interface. Moreover, the mobile phone setting permits APP to give out notification.

When the activity detection prompt is enabled, the camera will not give out alarm sound. This is the prompt information pushed by mobile phone APP.

. FAQ                        

Problem 1: Hold down the switch key and the indicator light is not on. And cannot power on.

Answer: the battery is run out of. Please charge in time.

Problem 2: HDQ15 WIFI hot point cannot be searched.

Answer: please observe the indicator light on the back and whether the blue indicator light is on.

Problem 3: When configuring WIFI, it prompts failure of configuration.

Answer: ① Whether the account number and password connecting with wireless router is correctly input; ② whether the WIFI signal is strong. Please make setting by placing it nearby the router. After setting is made, take it away to the proper position.③ The WIFI account number and password of wireless router should not include Chinese characters and spacing in the middle.The password cannot be empty.④ The WIFI of wireless router can only use 2.4G frequency and does not support 5G frequency.

Problem 4: The remote network is set well. But APP displays offline outdoors. Answer: When the mobile phone switch network to access internet or the network is disconnected to connect again, app will disconnect with the camera and display offline. Under such condition, refresh the equipment in app setting. Or restart app.

Problem 5: The equipment is on line with activities performed, but the mobile phone cannot receive any information.

Answer:  ① Please confirm that the mobile phone has running on the mobile phone and “activity detection” and “push notification” is enabled.② If the APP is IOS version, please enable message notification in “setting-notification”./② If the APP is Android version, please enable the function of “permission of notification” in “setting-notification center”.

Problem 6: It is prompt with red light. Why does APP mobile phone end display offline?

Answer: Three are three types of conditions that may cause above problems:① The network is slow. It needs to pull the view screen downwards to refresh or exit from APP to enter again.② The WIFI signal is too weak. Please move the camera to a place with strong WIFI signal and restart again.③ When the mobile phone is disconnected with network such as going out from home, accessing internet from WIFI to mobile traffic, APP will disconnect with the camera. It needs to refresh the equipment or restart APP.

. FAQ                       

A). Use occasion: Please abide by national relevant laws and regulations strictly. Don’t use the product for any illegal purpose. Otherwise, the consequence will be borne by the users.

B) About battery: If it is not in use for a long time, please charge fully before use and charge it once every three months at least to ensure charging activities of the lithium battery.
C) Work temperature: -20-45℃
D) Work humidity: 20%—80%. Don't place the product at dump work environment as the product does not have waterproof function.
E) Photographing luminance: Please use it at an environment with sufficient light. Don’t face the camera towards extremely strong light to avoid damage to optical elements.
F) Cleaning requirements: Don’t use the product at a place with large dust concentration to avoid that the lens and other components are polluted with dust so as to affect the photographing effect.
G) Other matters: The product belongs to precise electronic products. Don’t make it suffer from violent impact and vibration. Don’t use it under strong magnetic field and electric field.
H) Supplementary description: Please make operation after reading the user manual completely to avoid misguiding. Please contact with the distributor for matters that are not mentioned.