We are a modern high-tech pioneer enterprise with comprehensive strength. Mainly produce and process all kinds of exquisite and creative products. The product involves all aspects of life and is a good integrated enterprise. We have created our official website to provide online shopping services. By purchasing our products on the website, you can improve your quality of life and make your life more beautiful and convenient.


  Since the establishment of the company, the main brand "aolanscctv" has served users worldwide. Our official website: https://www.aolanscctv.com/. The website mainly sells electronic products, 3C, daily necessities and so on. Aolans has been committed to expanding its marketing system to provide you with a full range of convenient services. Our products are exported to five continents, totaling more than 30 countries.

  The company has gathered a group of high-quality developers and R & D teams, and has high-level development technology, experienced technical support and production management personnel in hardware research and development. With a modern automatic production line and advanced testing equipment, the products have passed CE, FCC, MA and other international authoritative agency certifications. Possess a perfect quality assurance system, and regularly provide employees with quality knowledge and post-time technical training to strengthen their quality awareness. We have a team with precise technical skills, strong quality awareness and good discipline, which lays a solid foundation for selling high-quality products.

  The company keeps pioneering and innovating, based on the business philosophy of "leading technology, paying attention to customers and paying attention to details", adhering to the "serious and responsible, first-line" work style, adopting advanced and scientific working methods and procedures, and serving the customers wholeheartedly. It has developed into a first-class enterprise in the security industry, making the brand a high-tech starting point, excellent performance, complete variety, reliable quality, perfect after-sales service, and a brand trusted by our customers.

  Aolans Electronics shoulders the trust of the times and the expectations of friends from all walks of life. Adhering to the tenet of "innovation, integrity, professionalism, quality and service", it constantly gathers elite forces, integrates industry resources, continues to lead the security field, and continues to write the glory of the new era.


  Purpose: Continuous innovation, build security enterprise brand with integrity, professionalism, quality and service.

  Philosophy: Attach importance to talents, technological innovation, and create a safe and harmonious society.


  If you have any questions about pre-sales service, please don't hesitate to contact us at help@aolanscctv.com. We welcome users inquiring related products from all over the world, we will tailor-made solutions for you at the best price and best service.


Company Name: Kenting Ridge Ltd

Company Address: 6-9 The Square, Stockley Park Uxbrige, England, UB11 1FW

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