Wireless High-pressure Car Wash Water Gun

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  • Standard version
  • Upgraded version
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  • New generation lithium battery wireless convenient car wash water gun.
  • 1. High-performance chips;
  • 2. 10,000 mAh large capacity lithium battery + vehicle power supply;
  • 3. Convenient wireless handheld finger grip;
  • 4. Strong water pressure;
  • 5. Multiple spray modes;
  • 6.Multiple uses.

Rugged body selection

Rugged, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, high pressure resistance.

High-performance chips

The built-in chip can effectively control the water pressure, prevent the battery from burning, and prolong the service life of the machine.

10,000 mAh large capacity lithium battery + vehicle power supply

The large-capacity lithium battery has a long battery life of 40-80 minutes, and it can also be connected to a car charging source to effectively solve the problem of insufficient power. The built-in lithium battery has a protective effect under different pressure, temperature and water flow during the power supply process, which not only prolongs the service life, but also enhances the safety of use.

Multiple spray modes

Through simple adjustment, the requirements of different usage scenarios under multiple spray modes can be realized.

Detail highlights

Comfortable grip, ergonomic design, one-handed operation, press to open, release to stop. The 5m explosion-proof filtered water pipe can be directly inserted into the water inlet, with good sealing performance.


  • According to the needs of different buyers, we provide three solutions,namely: Standard version Upgraded version Premium version
Please Note:
  • 1. In order to ensure that the goods can be safely and smoothly delivered to every buyer and friend, we have carried out a certain insulation treatment on the battery contact energized part when shipping, so the goods you receive are not energized. Please don't worry and question at this time. The solution is as follows: first, please remove the battery, then tear off the insulating tape, and finally reinstall the battery on the water gun.
  • 2. In addition, when connecting the water gun and the water pipe quick connector, you need to force the quick connector to the water gun seamlessly. Because the only way to prevent outside air from entering the water gun, so as not to affect the water pressure.
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